New England states small in size, heavily forested

(Ed. Note: 24 states celebrate Arbor Day on the last Friday in April, the same date as National Arbor Day, which this year falls on the 27th. During the next few days, we’ll be highlighting what a variety of regions are doing to prepare for the tree-planting holiday. Today, we will feature New England; Tuesday the Mid-Atlantic; Wednesday the West; Thursday the Midwest; and Friday the Great Plains.)

Four New England States celebrate Arbor Day this Friday: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The sugar maple, pictured below, is a staple of many New England states, though warmer winters have some concerned about the future of the species.


The Nutmeg State is part New York City-suburb, part higher-education hub, part industrial and part rural. The Connecticut River, which cuts through the state’s core, yields a strong maritime tradition, despite none of the small state bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Close to 60 percent of Connecticut is forested.

Connecticut residents looking for Arbor Day activities might check out the Volunteer Center.

The State of Connecticut is currently home to 19 Tree City USA communities. The largest Tree City USA in Connecticut is Bridgeport, population 136,000; the smallest is Brookfield, population 16,680.


Residents of the Bay State either looking to volunteer or looking to promote an existing event can connect with the Massachusetts Arborists Association Arbor Day of Service, while Boston-area residents can help plant trees in city parks. Fifth graders also had the chance participate in the 2012 Massachusetts Arbor Day Contest, with submissions due this past Friday.

Massachusetts is one of just a handful of states with a City USA on an air force base – Westover Air Force Base, the largest Air Force reserve base in the country.

The State of Massachusetts is currently home to 137 Tree City USA communities. The largest Tree City USA in Massachusetts is Boston, population 645,169; the smallest is Westover Air Force Base, population 1,200.

New Hampshire

The motto for the Granite State is “Live Free or Die,” and while most do not choose to live in a cabin the woods, they like to know they have the option. State politics have tended to embrace both conservatism and conservation.

Limited information is available on Arbor Day activities, so we encourage New Hampshire residents to check out the Volunteer Center.

The State of New Hampshire is currently home to 23 Tree City USA communities. The largest Tree City USA in New Hampshire is Manchester, population 108,900; the smallest is Orford, population 1,098.

Rhode Island

The Ocean State is the smallest in land mass and second most densely populated in the United States. Tree lovers can find enjoyment in both robust state forests and the healthy canopy of large cities like Providence, known for its livable and walkable feel.

What Grows On in Rhode Island is a terrific resource for volunteering events in the coming next week.

The State of Rhode Island is currently home to 10 Tree City USA communities. The largest Tree City USA in Rhode Island is Providence, population 175,000; the smallest is Jamestown, population 6,000.