Art in the Woods coming to Arbor Day Farm this Saturday

There’s a bit of a buzz through the trees at Arbor Day Farm this week — and I don’t just mean the summertime cicadas.

The buzz I’m talking about is centered around the grand opening of our new exhibit called Art in the Woods. This collection of nature-inspired sculptures and artwork will be unveiled here Saturday. The days leading up to the grand opening are filled with artists coming and going, hauling supplies deep into the forest, overcoming unexpected challenges (“…what do you mean the epoxy isn’t holding?…”) and making sure all the parts and pieces are in place.

It’s been a fun process, really.

We should start with a big thank you to The Nelson Family Foundation in Nebraska City for their support of the arts in general, and specifically of this Art in the Woods exhibit. Susan at the Tree Adventure has logged many hours communicating details via email, phone call, text and smoke signals with the selection of artists — not to mention with the 25+ other artists who tossed their ideas into the hat for consideration. The selection committee (Jenni, Rebecca, Mike, Lu and others) pored over each submission and put in some healthy debate on which ideas made the final cut. Rod, Darry, and others on the Arbor Day Farm landscape crew know the in’s and out’s of these 260 acres better than anyone and have been irreplaceable in working with the artists to make their creations look their best and hold up to the elements.

And then there’s you.

We thank you for helping us spread the word about Art in the Woods to your artist friends and in your creative circles. It’s because of your networks and friends that we have a collection of very cool, very interesting pieces that we think you’ll enjoy this summer at Arbor Day Farm. And we thank you even more for bringing friends and family to the Tree Adventure this summer to check them out. We thank all the artists who’ve obviously spent a lot of time, effort, and energy refining their work and getting it ready for our enjoyment, too.

If you can, please join us on Saturday, June 9, 10 am at the Tree Adventure and help us unveil Art in the Woods to our visitors and friends. We’re expecting a number of the artists to be with us that morning, so you can chat with them about their creative vision and inspiration for their works. But consider yourself warned: maybe don’t mention the epoxy.

The Family Bond, by Doug Hoevet; Gering, NE

Amy Stouffer lends a hand for all-things-communication at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, NE. Her favorite tree is the ginkgo. This piece was cross-posted on the Lied Lodge & Arbor Day Farm Blog.

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