Arbor Day Award Winner Highlights: Frederick Law Olmsted Award

Each year the Arbor Day Foundation recognizes outstanding individuals, environmental leaders, and innovative organizations for their sustainable conservation efforts on an international, national, state and community level through the Arbor Day Awards Program. The 2014 Arbor Day Awards were presented April 26 at the Lied Lodge and Conference Center in Nebraska City. During May we’ll highlight the award winners.

Frederick Law Olmsted Award—Nancy Buley:

This award recognizes an outstanding individual who has had a positive impact on the environment due to their lifelong commitment to tree planting and conservation at a state or regional level.


Nancy Buley & her son Neil plant a tree at Arbor Lodge State Historical Park. Photo by Carrie Benes.

As the communications director for one of the nation’s premier tree nurseries, J. Frank Schmidt & Sons, Nancy Buley has used her role to benefit urban and community forestry by involving diverse stakeholders and promoting proper tree planting and care.  Buley’s commitment to the production and selection of high quality trees has earned her opportunities to travel across the country and speak on community forestry. She is well respected by local arborists, city foresters, and government officials for her lifelong dedication to promoting and planting trees.

Nancy has also been actively engaged with organizations such as the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Oregon Association of Nurseries, the American Nursery & landscape Association, and Friends of Trees—Portland’s award-winning non-profit tree planting organization. Her diligent efforts over the years as an advocate for trees has earned her the well deserved Frederick Law Olmsted Award.

Are you aware of an outstanding individual or organization that is an exemplary steward of our Earth?  If so, please consider nominating them for our 2015 Arbor Day Awards.

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