Foundation Plantings

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve the look of your home, consider planting shrubs and trees near the foundation. There are several species of shrubs and trees that can thrive near the foundation of your home. Please remember to take note of the mature spread and consider the root zone when planting along your home’s foundation.

Recommended shrubs to enhance your home or hide your foundation

Colorful shrubs are great way to accent your home’s outer appearance. Consider the color, size, and texture of the plants as well as the number needed to accent the architectural lines of your house. With careful planning and placement, the landscape will visually direct guests to the entrance of your home.

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Arborist Question and Answer: Yellow Poplar and Newly Planted Red Maple

I have a couple of questions for you accompanied by a few photographs about a yellow poplar and a maple in my yard.

Q: The first question is about a yellow poplar that was here when we moved in about three years ago. It was in need of a trimming, so I did so that winter, especially to remove a lower branch that was out of place. I know certain varieties of the species tend to grow straight up and produce a pyramidal crown later, but this tree seems pretty mature to have not done that yet. I’m wondering, is there any special pruning or anything I can do to help it spread out and start producing shade? The tree is about 20-25 feet and about 6-7 inches in diameter at the trunk. Read more…

Why Leaves Change Color?

Scientists don’t yet fully understand all of the complicated actions and interactions that produce the spectacular displays of autumn leaf colorsBiological illustration of a leaf's color change that are a highlight of the fall months. Although not fully understood, several factors affect when and how tree leaves change color and the hues they produce. These factors include:

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Small Trees for Landscaping

Across the nation we are seeing more and more people move to the city.  Never in our history have we seen as many urban dwellers as we do now.  This fact is changing many things, but as far as landscape design goes we are seeing people design for smaller yards or incorporating trees in their garden.  Lets look at some great small trees that you can use at your home.

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